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Personalized health platform.

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Angular, Git, GraphQL

Via develops innovative solutions for on-demand and pre-scheduled transit, powered by the world’s most advanced technology.


Via is an online course administration tool that stores information about courses, presenting it in
different formats on various platforms. The product has been developed and used internally for 20 years.
However, in 2017, the client decided to revamp the tool and make it sellable. Being they had a previous,
successful experience working with Adaptiq, they approached us again with a request to update their
platform using modern toolchains and frameworks.


Initially, the client hired Adaptiq developers as sub-contractors but later shifted to a dedicated team
model. Via desired to work with the team longer-term and wanted Adaptiq to be more involved in the
process. The first hired developer was very capable and knowledgeable, however, the second hire — a
front-end developer — did not work as expected, so Adaptiq helped Via find a better fit. With extended
capacity, the client was able to develop and deploy a new release or new functionality on a weekly basis.


After a year of working to create a platform, the client received a product that exceeded their
expectations. With the help of the Adaptiq team, new features were developed in a short period of time.
For instance, Via added a self-sign-up form that can be adjusted to other companies’ styles and customized
on an individual basis. After the cooperation started, the client observed a growing number of users,
which included increasing internal use of the platform. Thus far, the main achievement has been the
creation of a sellable, thought-through platform, which can be easily packaged and set up for individual
customer needs.

Alexander Smith


For us it was important that the company was not just building what we asked, but also challenged us in our ask and provide consulting along the way. Furthermore, the mission of Adaptiq very much aligned with our own, especially the social impact they try to make was a deciding factor for us.

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